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Full-fledged financial support for struggling businesses

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Thorough investment analysis with outstanding advice

Planning For tax

Pre-planned tax policies to save businesses from critical situation

All About Me

Hi there my name is Piyush Thaman and I came to Canada in April 2019 I have completed my studies in applied networks infrastructure and systems administration from Conestoga College & I have spent my two years in Kitchener city which is in Ontario. my journey was a little bit difficult because I had to pay my loan and manage my expenses I have paid my full fees by working hard because I don’t have any financial knowledge at that time. For me job is the best way to earn money. As Every international students have to faced a lot of problem in Canada and i similarly I do but I got the financial knowledge by reading rich dad and poor dad book last year

It’s changed my mind about the money and I got to know what’s the difference between the assets and liabilities and in this world mostly people don’t have the financial knowledge and I decided to educate other people too

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